Hitchcock's Abessinier


After many considerations, I have decided to give up my small breed.

My goal was to breed Abyssinians, who have a very sweet nature and are first and foremost healthy.
When I bought Calle as a breeding cat, I assumed that other breeders are also honest. Calle infected my cat Rusty with Tritrichomonas fetus, my girls kept their distance and remained free.
"TF" caused massive diarrhea in my healthy cat. I separated my animals and tried over 30 months to get "my boys" back to health. It turned out that "TF" is very resistent and also by the treatment with Ronidazol (recommended treatment by Laboklin etc.), although in a short term cannot be detected in collective samples even by PCR, but is present again after months. All treatments were carried out under strict hygiene conditions and constant control.
Denia moved (after consultation with her breeder) to a new home and she is doing very well there.
After 2 years and 8 months fighting this disease I decided to neuter Calle, Aura and Cookie. Rusty has been neutered for a long time.
I have already terminated my club membership. I hope the merger succeeds, my "children" will get enough time for it.

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Dagmar Müller
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